D.O.G.S. of Victoria have been operating for over 15 years and are the only Dog Training School that is licensed to operate in Government regulated Parks Victoria Parks.

The school recognises the balance between the recreational use of parks by dog owners and their dogs and the environmental initiatives undertaken to encourage increased wildlife in park precincts.

Our Instructors' experience is vast and varied. It includes breeding, showing, participating in obedience competitions, judging of obedience competition work, teaching dog obedience classes, volunteering at shelters and most important of all, owning a dog, training that dog, ensuring they fit into the family and are socially acceptable. Our Instructors' "hands on" knowledge and experience means programs are offered in a professional and relaxed environment, where learning is optimised and dogs are happy.

It is not uncommon for prospective students to comment that their dog “jumps, bites, barks, chews, runs away, howls, digs, pulls on the lead, is nervous, wees in the house, chases, scratches doors, won’t listen". We would love for them to join our classes to show you how to bring out the best in your dog! Our Instructors believe that there is no such thing as a ‘Dumb Dog’, they just haven’t been given the right opportunities yet.

Many of our students commence their dog training with the view of only doing one course.  After attending these classes, many students opt to continue their training to a further level as the experience is not only a social outing for the dog, but also the owner!