AGE OF DOGS: From 8 weeks of age up

DURATION: Each lesson 1 hour

COST: $180 in your home or $120 at our training grounds

HANDLER: All family members are welcome to participate in a one-to-one lesson with a D.O.G.S. of Vic Instructor, held in the home environment or at one of our training locations.

BREED: All breeds

OBJECTIVES: If your schedule does not allow you to complete one of our courses, we offer individual private lessons at a mutually convenient time, either at your home or at our training grounds.

Private Lessons teach the owners/handlers how to have control of their dog and enables the dog to be responsive to voice commands and hand signals. The lessons are one-to-one with an Instructor and therefore can be tailored and designed to meet the owners' individual needs.

Class Notes are distributed at the end of each lesson to consolidate what has been learnt in the lessons to help the handler with practice and also to brief up the family/house-hold and what the dog is learning.