AGE OF PUPPIES: From 10 to 18 weeks of age.

DURATION: 6 weeks, each lesson 1 hour

COST: $180

CLASS SIZE: 10-12 puppies

HANDLER: All family/house-hold members are invited to attend this course.

BREED: All breeds

OBJECTIVES: Puppy Playgroup is a socialisation and confidence building course. The course is aimed at establishing the correct routines and handling techniques to ensure that your puppy has the right foundations to become a manageable, well adjusted adult dog.  This course is taught entirely on-lead.


  • Socialisation
  • Confidence Building
  • Teaching your puppy to walk on lead
  • First steps of obedience such as the sit, drop, stand, recall exercises and more 
  • General puppy information such as dealing with traffic distractions
  • Do’s and Don’ts when dealing with the critical stages of a puppy’s development
  • General puppy information such as house training, good puppy toys, tips on diet, individual puppy problem solving such as jumping up, chewing, biting/mouthing, scratching/jumping up at the back door and more

Puppy Playgroup Graduates receive a 10% discount on enrolling in the next level of dog training, the Basic Obedience Course.