DURATION: Each lesson 1 hour

COST: $55

HANDLER: Our Instructor guides the dog through an obedience program and then teaches the owners what the dog has learnt.

BREED: All breeds

OBJECTIVE: Busy lifestyles don’t always leave enough time to practice obedience work and walk the dog, to achieve a good level of obedience.

This service was developed to help those who don’t always have the time to put in the work required to get their dog’s obedience to the level they require. 

You decide on what training is required, our Instructor will design an obedience program to meet your goals, collect and return your dog from home or work for each lesson, complete the training with the dog and then teach you what your dog has learnt whilst everyone’s been at work and school.

Course notes are distributed to help you with the obedience exercises and also to brief everyone at home.

LOCATION: Instructor collects and returns dog to work or home.