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Help for all, no matter your breed, age or size.  Our aim is to make the training so enjoyable and easy you’ll wonder why you waited.

Repetition and routine

the keys to canine learning

 So to get the most from your training program, it’s important that you see it through. Also you will need to make some time at home to reinforce the training. If you miss a class, we will try to accommodate you and with classes held on both Saturdays and Sundays there is the flexibility to swap your training day or make up a missed lesson should a family or work commitment arise.



TO ENROL in courses complete this registration form, ensuring you complete/select all of the options, including accepting the terms and conditions, as it will not enable you to submit the form if you have not.  You will also need to download/attach (ensuring it does not exceed 5mb) a copy of your dog’s current vaccination certificate and a copy of receipt for payment of deposit ($50.00) by internet banking to:

Bank Account Name: DOGS of Vic
Bank Account BSB: 063 236
Bank Account Number: 1014 8471

*Details of deposit must include SURNAME on the registration form


terms & conditions


1. Eligibility of Dogs

A current vaccination certificate (in the case of puppy classes either the first, second or third vaccination), will be required to be viewed by the Instructor at the commencement of the course. Any dog that is sick or injured will not be worked with unless written advice is received from a qualified Vet indicating that it is safe to train the dog. A dog that has bitten another dog or person, or that shows undue aggression or unusual behaviour, must immediately be reported to the Instructor.

2. Enrolment and Payment

A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to enrol and secure your place in a class. A confirmation letter/email detailing your class information will be forwarded to you once the class has been finalised. The balance of course fees is payable at the first lesson. Payment can be made by cheque, cash or internet banking direct deposit.

3. Cancellations

A minimum of three (3) working days’ notice prior to the class commencement date is required if you do not wish to undertake the course enabling your deposit to be transferred to the next available class. Failure to give notice within three (3) working days of the class commencement date will result in a $50 cancellation fee. D.O.G.S. of Vic Pty Ltd reserves the right to cancel, combine or divide classes; to change the time, date or place of meeting; to change the Instructor or assignments and to make other revisions which may become necessary.

4. Refunds

Once a course has commenced, no refunds are made for lessons that are missed and are non-transferrable to any other program or services. However, if notice is given of non-attendance beforehand, we will attempt to find a place in a subsequent class, should there be a vacancy for the lesson/s that was missed.

5. Unforseen Circumstances

If you are unable to attend a class/course due to unforseen circumstances (eg. illness, dog injury), you may transfer to another class/course, provided that a vacancy exists. D.O.G.S. of Vic Pty Ltd must approve this transfer.

6. General

The quality of results you achieve will depend directly on the work you put in. As such, D.O.G.S. of Vic Pty Ltd does not guarantee success. D.O.G.S. of Vic Pty Ltd exercises care in all training procedures, however, we are not liable for any injury or damage to your dog or persons attending sessions. Whilst all care is taken during training, if any dog or any person damages any property or causes injury, D.O.G.S. of Vic Pty Ltd is not liable for any costs arising out of such damage. Responsibility lies with the owner of the dog or persons responsible. For the avoidance of doubt, the exclusion and/or limitation of liability contained in clause 6 extends to and protects D.O.G.S. of Vic Pty Ltd’s Officers, Employees and Instructors.

7. Privacy

D.O.G.S. of Vic Pty Ltd is bound by the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000. All personal information obtained will be appropriately collected, stored, used, disclosed, transferred and destroyed in accordance with the National Privacy Principles. See our Privacy Policy for more Information.

Dog Owners First

Trainers Second

You and your dog are a team and we are dog teachers, human instructors and team coaches. We will help translate your dream into an achievable goal and design a training programme to match.

We will train both you and your dog and support you all the way. Our aim is to teach your dog all of the skills and manners they need so that you can take them anywhere without the fear of them embarrassing you. 

Regardless of breed or age of your dog.