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We train your dog for you 

Walk & Train

Our Walk & Train Program is perfectly tailored for owners who have no time
in their busy schedule to attend group training or have private training.

Have your dog walked and trained at the same time

Walk & Train

A great option for training and daily exercise or training while you are away at work.  
Dogs learn good etiquette and many other skills while getting exercised. 
Each session is different depending on yours and your dog’s needs and skill levels. 
We will also let you know each day what new skills your dog has learnt and how to use these yourself.  

Walk & Train

$70 – Solo/Individual
$55 – Group

Walk and Train is where our instructor guides the dog through an obedience program and then teaches the owners what the dog has learnt.  Our trainers can work on specific issues and correct or shape behaviour that may be affecting your dog’s potential for success.

1 hour lessons
Ages 8 weeks and up
All breeds 

Busy lifestyles don’t always leave enough time to practice obedience work and walk the dog, to achieve a good level of obedience.

This service was developed to help those who don’t always have the time to put in the work required to get their dog’s obedience to the level they require.

You decide on what training is required, our Instructor will design an obedience program to meet your goals, collect and return your dog from home or work for each lesson, complete the training with the dog and then teach you what your dog has learnt whilst everyone’s been at work and school.

Our Walk & Train Service has been popular with addressing issues such as better lead skills, control whilst off-lead, socialisation work with people and dogs, addressing reactivity with other dogs, skate-boards, bikes and more

Course notes are distributed to help you with the obedience exercises and also to brief everyone at home.


Instructor collects and returns dog to work or home.

WE are here to help

Your dog needs you to guide them 

You and your dog are a team and we are dog teachers, human instructors and team coaches. We will help translate your dream into an achievable goal and design a training programme to match. We will train both you and your dog and support you all the way. Our aim is to teach your dog all of the skills and manners they need so that you can take them anywhere without the fear of them embarrassing you.  Regardless of breed or age of your dog. 

the keys to canine learning

Repetition and routine

The advantage of Private 1-2-1 Training is that it is fully customised for you and YOUR dog.
We are committed to working with you until you reach your training goals, but the key component to any training success
is your commitment and follow through with the training program. We are here to support and help you achieve your goals.
However, to get the most from your training program, it’s important that you see it through. Y
ou will need to make some time after the lessons to reinforce the training.

Dog Training Experts

Your pet deserves the very best trainers Melbourne has to offer.
Get started with one of our Albert Park Lake or Templestowe training classes or contact us to book your private lesson.